Tumbling is an important part of competitive cheerleading. There are two equally important components of tumbling: Standing and Running. We offer a number of classes for our athletes to choose from: Private, Semi-Private or Group classes.

We also offer Tumbling for Dancers, Ninja Tumbling for Boys as well as Tiny and Mini Tumblers for our little ones.

Membership Fee: $25 + HST membership fee applies to all new members; it covers the cost of insurance for that time period.  This one-time fee for the season covers the student regardless of the number of classes taken in that season.

Tumbling Classes

Twisters offers private, semi private and group tumbling classes with our amazing tumbling instructors. Coaches work with each athlete on their technique to learn, perfect and maintain their current tumbling skills while working on drills to learn new skills. Classes are open to athletes of all ages and abilities; we also accept enrolment for non members. Tumbling classes are available almost every day of the week and can be booked through our online registration system.

Private Classes: 30 minutes (1 coach:1 athlete)
Semi-Private Classes: 45 minutes (1 coach:2 athletes)
Group Classes: 1 hour (1 coach:6 athletes)

Tumbling Fees:

Private Classes: $25 + HST
Semi-Private Classes: $22 + HST
Group Classes: $18 + HST

Tumbling Skills in Cheer

The skills below are considered to be mastered; mastered is defined as the point in which an athlete can perform the skill by themselves with near perfect technique while in performance. A coach spotting a skill or an athlete simply performing it once does not satisfy a mastered status. Athletes who are working on skills and their progressions may help coaches when determining team placements but does not guarantee a spot in a certain level.

Level 1: front roll, cartwheel, round off, back walkover, front walkover, connection of skills; drills to prepare for level 2
Level 2: standing back handsprings, round off back handspring and multiple handsprings, front tumbling, connection of skills; drills to prepare for level 3
Level 3: standing series back handsprings, round off back handspring back tuck, punch front, aerial, specialty passes to back tuckdrills to prepare for level 4
Level 4: standing tucks, standing series handsprings to tuck or layout, specialty passes to back handspring layout; drills to prepare for level 5
Level 5: standing fulls, multiple standing series to full/double twist, specialty passes to full/double twist
Level 6: up to level 5 skills and may include double punch double
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