Recreation Cheer

Recreational Cheer is a FUN, non competitive cheerleading program designed for those who want to learn cheerleading. Participants will learn all the exciting elements of competitive cheerleading including stunts, jumps, tumbling, dance and cheers. They will start from the very basics and learn how to improve their flexibiltiy and strength, and how to improve the cheerleading elements. This is a physical activity and the participants will learn how to interact as a team and experience individual accomplishments. Participants will be taught a routine which will incorporate all the elements learned duirng the session and they will perform it for their parents, friends and family members at the completion of the session.

*Minimum enrollment numbers are required. Classes may be cancelled or combined due to low enrollment*

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Session 1:  June 4th - Aug 31st

                                          Team Name                           Age                             Day/Time                             Investment
                                         Landspouts                          3-5 yrs                   Tuesday 5:00pm (1hr)                  $115 + HST
                                         Littlewinds                            6-8 yrs                   Tuesday 5:00pm (1hr)                  $115 + HST
                                         Steam Devils                        8-11yrs                  Wednesday 5:00pm (1hr)            $115 + HST

Includes a performance at the end of each session.
*There is a one-time Yearly Membership fee of $50 + HST  (valid from May to April)*

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