Specialty Classes & Clinics

Twisters offers a variety of Specialty Classes; flight school, jump class, strength & flexibility, gotta have that walkover, gotta have that handspring, parents cheer class, basing class and a lot of more! Check here often to see what new and exciting classes we have to offer!

Here is a list of classes that we will be offering throughout the season; our next session of classes will be offered in the fall.

  • Strength & Flexibility – this class is great for all athletes as it will introduce them to new stretching and strength conditioning skills.
  • Jump Class – this class will work on building stronger and higher jumps; flexibility will be a key component covered in this class as well
  • Core Conditioning – this class will focus onincreasing our athletes core strength which will directly impact theirstunting, tumbling and jumping technique
  • Gotta have that Walkover – this class will focus on tips to increase the athletes confidence in performing their walkover (both front and back)
  • Gotta have that Handspring – this class will focus on tips to increase the athletes confidence in performing their handspring
  • Basing Class – the focus of this class is on technique and introduing the athletes to drills that will assist them in gaining strength and creating muscle memory for the correct technique
  • Parents Cheer Class – this class is a great way for all parents and grandparents to come out in safe and fun environment to learn the terminology of cheerleading to directly try some of the basic skills of cheerleading (mainly stunting)

All classes run for ONE hour in length and cost $15/athlete. If you are interested in registering for a particular class please email info@twisterscheerathletics.com. Classes are open to all Twisters and Non-Twisters members (Non members will have a one time annual membership fee of $25 +hst)