Twisters is proud to offer a variety of classes for both our current and prospective members in their quest to be a stronger athlete.  For more information please contact us at

We offer programs in the following areas:

  • All Star Cheer
  • All Star Prep
  • Recreational Cheer
  • Tumbling
  • Special Needs Cheer
  • Clinics
  • Flight School
  • PD Day Camps
  • March Break Camps
  • Summer Camps
  • Winter Camp
  • Elite Camp

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"One Fierce Family", a catch phrase I'd learn to love. Two years ago my daughter witnessed a National Cheer Competition at The Aud, and said, "I want to do that!"  My reply, "Yes dear, we have to get to your brothers hockey."  In my head I'm thinking,  "Oh No not cheerleading, it's so fru fru girly"  She was relentless and kept asking when she could join cheerleading.  Looking into it I discovered Twisters Cheer Athletics in my Neighborhood. The gym offered a variety of programs including a summer camp. Great, she'll try it, get it out of her system and on to the next activity.  Was I wrong, she loved it and so did I. In a week I saw her confidence soar, her skills develop and some friendships foster.  Now she is a dedicated, confident competitive athlete. She has a costume that allows her to demonstrate her developing skills and strength, showcasing  her team name "Twisters".  She has developed empathy, trust, compassion and friendship. She has felt and witnessed  defeat, frustration and success. As parents we wish our children will have many experiences in their lives. I'm so glad that Twisters Cheer Athletics was part of this journey for my daughter. Love being part of "One Fierce Family!"


I have been cheering at Twisters for 3 seasons and it has been an amazing experience. I used to be a shy girl who didn’t talk to anyone and who hated attention. Now, I am a strong, confident girl who loves to compete and perform.
Something I love about Twisters is the support and enthusiasm shown to the athletes by the coaches. They challenge us to get new skills. When I first joined I couldn’t even do a front roll. Now I can do tucks! It’s amazing what you can accomplish with hard work, heart, and determination. It’s even more amazing to have your coaches and teammates encouragement to help you.
One thing I have learned about myself through cheer is how I like to help others and share my love of cheer. Last season I had the chance to work with Team Breeze the special needs team at our gym. It was a really great experience. I loved seeing the athletes determination and helping them to develop the routine and then watch them perform as a team. I could never have asked for a better bunch of kids.
I am really looking forward to the next chapter in my cheering experience!
                                               ~Brooke, Supercells Athlete