Season 7 Information Package
Info Package
Team Info

Twisters has a competitive team for all ages and all ability levels - from ages 3 to 18, and level 1-6, Twisters has a team for you! 

Tiny/Mini Twisters

The Tiny/Mini's are a great starting point for our youngest Twisters to get introduced into Cheerleading. The team competes several times per year in the Level 1-2 category. The emphasis with this team is placed on fun, teamwork, performance, friendship and fundamental skill development.

Youth Twisters

Our Youth teams will compete in the level 1 or 2 category during the season with an emphasis on teamwork, performance, friendship, trust and fundamental skill development.

Junior Twisters

The Junior Twisters will compete in the level 1-3 category while attending competitions throughout the season.  Our Juniors will focus on skill development, trust, teamwork, friendship and performance.

Senior Twisters

Our Senior teams will compete in the level 2-4 or 4.2 category during the season and work hard to improve their fundamental skills, team trust, performance and friendship.